The Guilty Reader Tag!

Hello again! And welcome to the first tag of 2021! I feel like I haven’t seen any interesting book tags lately, but luckily I saw that Kat @ Life and Other Disasters posted this (originally by Chami @ Read Like Wildfire) and I thought, “Hey, I can do this… Why not?” (That’s pretty much my logic with all tags). So here we are!

-puts on reading glasses- So, this tag is pretty straightforward. We just have to answer a couple of questions regarding typical reader habits that make us feel guilty, apparently.

Let’s go!

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The End of the Year Booktag – 2020 Edition

We’ve made it to the end of the year, people! And I swear that the flow of time this year has been a weird one, and not just because of the obvious. First we thought January would never end, then March came and we all know what happened, then it was November all of a sudden and when a friend told me that she was starting something in December I was shocked because I thought December was a long way from now but it was literally next week.

And now we’re here. Four days away from the new year. Maybe a little late, but let’s do this.

Thank you to Kat @ Life and Other Disasters because her blog is where I saw this tag!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Changes In My Reading Life

Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday in forever! Today’s topic is “Changes in my reading life”.

-takes out reading glasses- According to the post, it can be stuff like how your tastes in books have changed or your reading speed. I tried to think of 10 different things but in the end I could only come up with 8.

So without further ado, here’s 8 things that have changed in my reading life over the course of the last 6/7 years!

Image result for picky reader gifs

First Person-Present Tense

Back in The Hunger Games days, I thought it was the most clever thing in the world and even wrote like that for a while, but now it could drive me away from a book.

First Person-Past Tense

Same as the previous point, but I’m more forgiving of it.

Reading speed

Back in ye ol’ days I could finish a 300-500 pages book in 3-4 days regardless of whether I loved it or not. That was fast for me. Right now, fast is finishing a book in a week or two, and that’s if it’s got my full attention or if it’s an easy read.

Reading for long periods of time

Back in the day I used to be able to do this. Spend an entire day/afternoon just sitting on a couch reading, but now I feel like I can’t do that anymore. I get too restless if I don’t do several things in the day.

Reading while listening to music

I used to be able to do this, listen to music with lyrics while reading, but now I can’t, especially if it’s a song that I know the lyrics to. My head will mix what I’m reading and the song lyrics and I can’t focus. So now I only read with instrumental music. Although sometimes even that is too distracting for me.

Used to be a mood-reader

I think back in the day I picked up any book I was interested in at the time, finished it in 4 days and then moved on with my life and didn’t pick up any book until I found something else that interested me. Now, when I’m close to finishing a book or a book series, I think of what I’m gonna read next so I always have something to read.

Pickier with the contemporaries

I like contemporaries, but back in the day I loved them and didn’t feel so cheesy to me. But now I avoid most of them because of their cheesy romances. And yes, contemporaries aren’t the only ones with cheesy romances but it’s not a contemporary without a romantic subplot and cheesy lines.

Less forgiving with the romances

Let’s face it. A lot of the relationships in books are cheesy as heck and I’m more aware of it now. I think it takes something very different/unique and or/close to heart to make me ship a couple now.

And that’s it for today. Does anyone have any fun opinions on any of the items manetioned. And if anyone reading this shares the same change in habits, please let me know ok? 🙏

pj out!


Wishing I could read/watch you for the first time

This…isn’t really a book tag ^^’ But I saw this post on Clo @ Book Dragons blog from their Bookending Spring Event and I thought it was an amazing idea! We all have our favorite books that we might have read two, three or more times, I know I have those. We can re-read them all the times we want, but there will never be a first time again. We will never get to feel that feeling of finding something you weren’t 100% sure you were going to like but you adored it, for a second time with the same book. In my case, sometimes if I read/watch things too many times I get tired of them and that sucks!

For this post, we’re going in with a twist! I, like everyone else, not only have books I’d love to read again for the first time, but also animes and movies, so how about we list 3 of each, ok?

The Books 📚


Harry Potter series AND movies. I’ve been telling myself that I want to marathon the entire series and finally read books 4 and 5, but I also feel like I won’t enjoy it as much because I’ve watched the movies so many times so I know what happens. Wouldn’t it be amazing to forget and start over?


Shades of magic trilogy. This is going to be embarrassing but I never thought I would like this series and I freakin loved it! I feel like if I re-read this, I wouldn’t feel the same and it wouldn’t make me cry!


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. This is more like, I would love to forget this series and read it over. I think waiting for the second and third book killed the hype a little bit? So in this hypothetical scenario, I would marathon it.

The Anime 🎌

Image result for fullmetal alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist 2003 AND Brotherhood. What can I say? How could I ever pass the chance to watch these two masterpiece with brand new eyes, even though falling in love with FullMetal, its world, and its characters isn’t hard no matter how many times I rewatch this. And I’ve watched both of these several times!

Image result for puella magi madoka magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I still remember the first time I watched this. I went on a trip before watching the last 2 episodes and spoiled myself (I know, I know! Shame on me and on my cow!) So… in a way I ruined the show for myself but not at all and I’d love for a chance to watch it again for the first time.

Image result for noragami anime cover

Noragami. I just want to see this with brand new eyes! What got me to watch this was actually the opening song and it wouldn’t be bad to fall for this song all over again, you know? And to think that when I first saw gifs of this series on Tumblr, I thought it was something that wouldn’t interest me!

The Movies 🎥

Image result for avengers endgame

All of the Avengers movies from the MCU. Watching a Marvel movie is now such an experience, especially the Avengers movies AND the Iron Man movies. Every time I go a Marvel movie I leave the theater so freakin inspired, ready to create my own story (well, continue it). It’s one of the feelings in the world and what’s so great about movies

Image result for big hero 6

Big Hero 6. I’ve watched this so many times and I’ve loved it every time! But when I went in with my hopes so high and this movie didn’t disappoint at all and right now it’s one of my favorite movies of all time!

Related image

Ready Player One. This has everything to do with the hype and the book. I waited 3 years for this movie and by an amazing chance of fate, I got to see it with my friend (who first told me about the book) in Maine! That day was one of the biggest fangirl days of my life (if not the biggest 🤣) and I’d love to live it again.

Anddd that’s my list! I also love live action series, but I don’t think there’s any that I’d love to watch again for the first time, so I simply didn’t add any 😅

So, what about you? Do you have any books/series/movies that you’d love to watch for the first time? I’m sure you do! Share it in the comments, will you? 🙂

And that’s it for me! pj out!


Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d like to switch places with

Happy Tuesday!

I’m writing this post in a bit of a hurry so it won’t have the usual formatting (and I guess I want to try something a wee bit different). Anyways, today’s topic is “Characters I’d like to switch places with” and… all the characters on my list can be summed up in one word. Adventure.

the lord of the rings adventure GIF
  1. Bilbo Baggins, from The Hobbit
  2. Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series
  3. Molly Moon, from the Molly Moon series
  4. Kell Maresh, from the Shades of Magic trilogy
  5. Blue Sargent/Gansey, from The Raven Boys
  6. Wade Watts, from Ready Player One
  7. Zack Lightman, from Armada
  8. Lara Jean Song Covey, from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy
  9. Emika Chen, from Warcross
  10. The Pevensie siblings, from The Chronicles of Narnia
yakub memon life GIF

Can you tell I’m obsessed with The Hobbit’s ‘adventure’ theme? I watched the movies for the first time 2 weeks ago and I’m still not over it ❤

So yeah, as you can see, if you’ve read all of these, all the characters on this list were your ordinary people who got thrust into an adventure out of their comfort zone (I think the only exception would be Gansey as he was already living the adventure when the book began, but he’s the one I’d like to trade places with). It’s actually a concept I hope to incorporate in my book project.

Alrighty! That’s it! Do the characters in your TTT list share something in common? Or maybe any of these characters are also in your list? (I feel like Hermione will be in so many people’s list, but we can’t help it ok!?) Let me know, ok?

pj out!

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.


Top Ten Tuesday – Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

Happy Tuesday!

This Tuesday’s topic is “Places Mentioned in Books that I’d like to Visit”. I really like this one because I’m sure that everyone who’s read a book has wanted to visit the places mentioned in it.

am i right hannah gadsby GIF by Emmys

Unless it’s a dystopia/thriller/horror.

warren beatty hm GIF by Warner Archive

Anyways, the top ten places mentioned in books, real or fictional, that I’d like to visit.

Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series


The most obvious one because Who.Doesn’t.Want.To.Visit.Freakin.Hogwarts??? or attend Hogwarts or live in Hogwarts? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, and if they don’t. They’re wrong.

Edinburgh, Scotland, from City of Ghosts


In City of Ghosts, the protagonist and her parents visit the most haunted places in the world starting with Edinburgh, Scotland and yes… you read right. I want to visit haunted places! My spirit sensing abilities aren’t very sharp so I probably wouldn’t feel anything too weird, but there’s something about the antique places, that makes them extremely interesting.

The Oasis, from Ready Player One


I could never not include the main setting of one of my favorite books ever. The OASIS is the virtual reality MMORPG where most of the book takes places because the outside world kinda sucks. A place where any book/movie/music video/video game/anime can come to life all around you, and as wrong as it sounds, you get why no one wants to leave.

Red London, from the A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy


Red London is an alternate version of an older London where people can use magic based on the 4 elements. As a visitor, I obviously wouldn’t be able to practice any magic 😂 but they put on incredible shows and there’s this tournament where the most powerful magicians of the land compete using their powers!

Oxford, from My Oxford Year


This was my most hate book of last year lol. But one thing it did right was the main character’s passion for Oxford. At least during the first chapters, you can tell that she’s in love with the city by her detailed descriptions. Unfortunately, the story takes a turn and it’s like she forgets all about it, but at least there’s something to rescue from this.

Victorian London, from the Infernal Devices trilogy


Oh another London, another old London. I think we’re starting to see a pattern with the places that I’d like to visit. Old places in Europe 😂 And the places that they visit in the books are based on real-life places that you can visit, like the ones Cassandra Clare used to base the Institute of London and York. The only exception seems to be Blackfriars Bridge (which is real). And bringing up the topic of locations in the Shadowhunters universe, I’d also like to visit Idris.

Fenrai, from El Principe del Sol


Fenrai is the fictional country in “El Principe del Sol” which I finished almost two weeks ago. Half of the book takes place in the city of Eben, where the royal family lives and it is a freakin floating city which you reach by flying on a pegasus! And like 25% of the rest of the book takes place in this city that the author said she based it off of Santorini in Greek. So if that isn’t beautiful, then I don’t know what is.

And now, some honorable mentions

Derry, Maine from IT


Before anyone says I’m crazy! 😂😂😂 No, I don’t want to be eaten by my own fears or by an evil clown, nor do I want to live in a place where all the adults are disgusting people, but… I am extremely biased towards Maine + small American cities. Besides, if I just visit then nothing might happen to me, right?

Warcross, from Warcross


Another virtual reality world! This is in my honorable mentions because I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I hoped, but Warcross sounds like a game I’d really love to play. Also NYC and Tokyo are places that the protagonist sees in this book and I think that’s pretty awesome

Henrietta, from The Raven Boys


This is in my honorable mentions because I’m halfway through this book but so far I’m really liking the location. It is, after all, another American town overflowing with magical energy 😍 where a Welsh King might be buried. I don’t know but that sounds adorable to me. The perfect place for an adventure.

And that’s it! That’s 7 places mentioned in books that I’d like to visit + 3 honorable mentions. I have one more honorable mention though. It isn’t one place from an existing book, but several places from the story I’m working on, like Hamilton (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), and Salta (Argentina).

Ok, now that’s really it 😬 Let me know if you’d like to visit any of the places mentioned here too or let me know of a new one, ok? 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.


25 Bookish Facts About Me

I don’t really remember where I saw this book tag (maybe on Youtube?) but it was on this note where I write down ideas for blog posts and it seemed easy enough.

Alrighty! Time for some facts!

served read it and weep GIF by The Goldbergs
  1. I prefer to read in English even though my first language is Spanish
  2. I don’t like writing on my books or folding the corners. If there’s something I want to remember I use a post-it
  3. I prefer reading in the third person POV, past tense
  4. If the first book in a saga/trilogy pulls me in, I’ll marathon the series (which I love). If it doesn’t, I might want to read the rest of the books but I deep inside I know I won’t
  5. I mainly read YA, but I’m fine with all genres
  6. I prefer reading on my phone because I like being able to read from anywhere
  7. I can almost never find the books I want to read at the bookstore. Not even in Spanish. So 99% of the time I find them online
  8. I prefer the EPUB format over PDF and I read on the iBooks app
  9. I don’t like carrying physical books in my bags because the borders or the cover get scratched with something or the corners fold themselves
  10. I prefer hardcovers but without the dust jacket, even though I mostly have/find paperbacks
  11. My favorite childhood books are the Molly Moon saga
  12. My favorite books now are: Eleanor & Park, Ready Player One, Veronika decides to die, Gone Girl and Vicious
  13. I haven’t read all of the HP books 😣 I still have to read books 4 and 5 and I really want to marathon the series. I know, I know. Shame
  14. I discovered my love for reading when I was 8 or 9 and I was new at this school so I spent most of my time at the library where I read a bunch of small stories. Then I re-discovered it at 15 with the Twilight books
  15. I LOVE talking about books and all things fiction
  16. I used to be a fast reader. I read books in like 3 or 4 days, but I didn’t read a lot
  17. Right now I don’t read as fast, but I try to read at least a little bit every day
  18. If a book pulls me in, it takes me a week or less to finish it, but in most cases, it takes me two weeks
  19. As much as I’d love to, I am unable to spend all day, or long periods of time reading (or doing other lazy-ish activities like watching series). I feel like I should stop to do something else
  20. I prefer to read short chapters over long chapters. They make me feel like I’m reading faster
  21. My ideal length for a chapter is from 6 to 10 pages
  22. If a chapter is too long, I get overwhelmed and I feel like I need to stop
  23. I LOVE books with bittersweet endings. They’re sure 5 stars for me
  24. But I also LOVE books that make me cry. If a book made me cry, it’ll most likely get a 5-star rating
  25. I’ve been planning my own book story for almost 10 years and it’s gone through a lot of changes but it’s been determined that it’s going to be a fantasy-adventure. I don’t know if I want to become a full-time author, but I would love to get this story out in the world

And that’s it! 25 bookish facts about me! If you want, you can share some of your bookish facts, or tell me if we share one in common 😁