The Guilty Reader Tag!

Hello again! And welcome to the first tag of 2021! I feel like I haven’t seen any interesting book tags lately, but luckily I saw that Kat @ Life and Other Disasters posted this (originally by Chami @ Read Like Wildfire) and I thought, “Hey, I can do this… Why not?” (That’s pretty much my logic with all tags). So here we are!

-puts on reading glasses- So, this tag is pretty straightforward. We just have to answer a couple of questions regarding typical reader habits that make us feel guilty, apparently.

Let’s go!

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Tag: Why Am I Weird

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Is this weird? 🀣 I just wanted a light-hearted/simple post, ok? I need to get back on the blogging game and as I’m writing this I’m one blink away from falling asleep, so let’s take it away!


  • List ten weird things about yourself, your life, or silly habits that you wouldn’t normally share
  • Tag up to ten people so you can get to know them better
  • Link back to the person who tagged you and theΒ creator
  • Comment on the posts of people you tagged – 

Fun fact: no one tagged me, but I saw this post on Sara @ The Bibliophagist’s blog and I thought it was too fun not to do it.

  1. I always must wear earrings…and I must always play with them to the point where I break them or lose them
  2. I almost always shock myself whenever I touch metal (like doorknobs for example) so I’ve made a habit of touching something else before touching metal
  3. I talk in my sleep sometimes, and my first language is Spanish, but I’ve also talked in English in my dreams
  4. Every night, I must fall asleep to a short youtube video because it keeps me from overthinking
  5. When I was a kid, my cousin and I would talk about switching hairs (she said there was a real surgery for that) because I have curly hair and she has straight hair and we wanted each other’s hair
  6. Every morning and every time I get back home from work or anything, I walk to a picture we have of our doggy that passed away 5 years ago and say hi to it
  7. And speaking of doggies, my favorite part of a doggy is their butt. I love patting it, scratching it, hugging it, etc
  8. I don’t like silence, it makes me nervous when there’s too much quiet in a room so I always must have something making noise (for example, right now I have my fan)
  9. I like cheese, but only when it’s melted, and I like beans, but only when they’re mashed
  10. I have the most exaggerated I laugh I’ve seen in my entire life. I can laugh for a really long time at the most stupid thing

And… that’s it! It’s fun because as I wrote this post, I forgot all the weird things I do daily, but oh well! This’ll do!

Stay weird!

pj out!


Monthly Wrap up December 2018

Ok, yes I’m starting the year off wrong, this should have been the first post of the year!! It’s been a busy couple of weeks… But! I’m starting the year with a new section on the blog. I know book bloggers have their monthly wrap up with the books they read that month, but these people usually have a lot to show because they have the superpower of reading like 4, 5, 6 books every month while I can read 2 at most, so this called for a twist!

One of the things I want to do more of this year is to watch more series and movies and keep track of them. I know there’s goodreads for books and myanimelist for anime, but I don’t know any site that allows you to keep a record on the movies and shows you’ve watched, so I’m going to do that here. But if you know one, let me know, please?

I don’t know if this is a thing among book bloggers, but I got the idea from polandbananasBOOKS’s booktube channel in her monthly section called “Stories I ate this month”.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get started (I know, I know, this should have come a lot sooner)

In december I read 2 books, watched 2 movies and 2 series + one episode of another series

The books

City of ghosts, by Victoria Schwab


I have a full review on this book that you can read here, but as a summary, this is about a 12-year-old girl who has the ability to cross to the ghostly plain that the ghosts inhabit. One day she has to travel with her family to Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the most haunted places in the world, and it is brimming with ghosts that aren’t so friendly. Joined by her best friend, a ghost named Jacob, she will learn more about her ability and have adorably haunting adventures. πŸ€—

Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare


The second series of books in the Shadowhunters series, The Infernal Devices. I feel like everyone knows what this book is about because these books have been recommended by absolutely everyone who talks about books, so no mini summary. By now I’m 35% into the third book so I’ll write a trilogy review once I’m done.

I’ve been meaning to read this for years! But now that I finally did, I can say that this is definitely the kind of book that hooks you in, it made me want to binge the trilogy which isn’t something that happens with all first books, let me tell you! And I’ve read the first 2 books of the mortal instruments series and they did not hook me up like this one did. I’m not sure if I’ll even finish that series, so I might just stay with this one.

The movies

Good Will Hunting

Image result for good will hunting

So, this is about a trouble guy named Will Hunting who works as a janitor at the MIT despite being a math genius. One day he gets in trouble, again, and in order to avoid jail time, he has to see a counselor who ends up becoming one of his closest friends and tearing down the walls that Will had built around his personality and then gets him to pursue a better life instead of just settling with what he has.

This is an old one, from 1997. This is my second time watching this movie, the first time was in one of my university classes. I remember I wanted to rewatch it because this channel I like “Lessons from the screenplay” did a video analyzing the two main characters, but also because the message of the movie really stuck with me….and it almost made me cry (I only held back because I was surrounded)

The Princess Switch


Another movie that I bet almost everyone knows the plot. Butttt, if you’ve been living under a rock this past Christmas… it’s your typical story where two identical girls, who didn’t know were identical, meet and decide to switch places to experience the life of the other and within the course of like… 2 or 3 days, they realize that their life as their doppelganger is the life they want. Our protagonists are a talented baker from Chicago and a duchess from the fictional, British country of Monteraro.

All wrapped up in a pretty, red, Christmas bow, The Princess Switch is exactly what you would expect from your typical cheesy, Christmas movie. Everything looks dreamy and Christmas is the time for love, for a life changing experience and for dreams to come true. Cute, cute! πŸ€— πŸ€—

The series



Set in the town of Winden, Germany, where nothing ever happens, Dark follows the lives of 4 families, their secrets, their drama, how their lives have entangled across 3 generations and how they deal with the disappearance of several boys in the year 2019. Some of the characters think this whole situation is odd because the same thing happened 33 years ago.

Well… I definitely made that sound like a soap opera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but really it’s more complicated and more clever than that. It’s actually a thriller series that has Stranger Things vibes, so if you like ST, you should give this one a try, even though Dark doesn’t have cute characters and emotional moments like ST does. Everyone in Winden is shady, to say the least, but I can’t blame them given all the shoot they’re going through. There’s only one season on Netflix, but the second season comes out in June, finally!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Christmas Special

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina


Well… I can’t talk about this without spoiling stuff…and you know how we keep it spoiler-friendly here on reviewerpj, so… in this extra episode post first season, the Spellman witches have to protect their house from the playful spirits that roam during the winter solstice. In the meantime, Sabrina tries to conjure her mom’s spirit because she wants to talk to her, and her friend Susie gets kidnapped by a Christmas demon.

What can I say? It was fun πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was just one episode, its existence is clearly by popular demand since this series has had so much success that the second season is coming less than a year later. Should I do a review on Sabrina? πŸ€”πŸ€” I’ve wondered that.

Brooklyn 99

Image result for brooklyn 99 poster

Ah finally! My favorite thing of the month. I’ve had this saved on my Netflix list for a while and I honestly don’t know why I waited so long. I might do a review once I’m done with the fifth season, but to fill you in a little bit for now, Brooklyn 99 is a series centered around an eccentric, but hilarious, group of detectives working at the 99th precinct at the NYPD in Brooklyn and the cases they have to solve, but it’s mostly about the relationships between the characters, and it is oh so beautiful! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

On the first episode, they have to welcome their new captain, Raymond Holt, who is pretty stiff and strict, but the group’s personalities will melt him down until they’d do absolutely anything for their captain and he for them.

Let me tell you! Brooklyn 99 is PERFECT! I find no flaws with this series. It hooked me in from the first 5 minutes of the first episode. The last time series I loved this much was How I Met Your Mother (except for the ending, of course, no one liked that garbage). So really, if you haven’t give it a try! There’s 4 seasons on Netflix, and right now I’m on episode 12 of season 4, and 2 weeks ago the new season just came out, so there’s a lot to watch! πŸ˜€

And that’s it! Everything I watched/read this month! Tell me what you think? Also tell me what you watched/read this month ok?