The Guilty Reader Tag!

Hello again! And welcome to the first tag of 2021! I feel like I haven’t seen any interesting book tags lately, but luckily I saw that Kat @ Life and Other Disasters posted this (originally by Chami @ Read Like Wildfire) and I thought, “Hey, I can do this… Why not?” (That’s pretty much my logic with all tags). So here we are!

-puts on reading glasses- So, this tag is pretty straightforward. We just have to answer a couple of questions regarding typical reader habits that make us feel guilty, apparently.

Let’s go!

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The End of the Year Booktag – 2020 Edition

We’ve made it to the end of the year, people! And I swear that the flow of time this year has been a weird one, and not just because of the obvious. First we thought January would never end, then March came and we all know what happened, then it was November all of a sudden and when a friend told me that she was starting something in December I was shocked because I thought December was a long way from now but it was literally next week.

And now we’re here. Four days away from the new year. Maybe a little late, but let’s do this.

Thank you to Kat @ Life and Other Disasters because her blog is where I saw this tag!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

Happy Tuesday!

This Tuesday’s topic is “Places Mentioned in Books that I’d like to Visit”. I really like this one because I’m sure that everyone who’s read a book has wanted to visit the places mentioned in it.

am i right hannah gadsby GIF by Emmys

Unless it’s a dystopia/thriller/horror.

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Anyways, the top ten places mentioned in books, real or fictional, that I’d like to visit.

Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series


The most obvious one because Who.Doesn’t.Want.To.Visit.Freakin.Hogwarts??? or attend Hogwarts or live in Hogwarts? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, and if they don’t. They’re wrong.

Edinburgh, Scotland, from City of Ghosts


In City of Ghosts, the protagonist and her parents visit the most haunted places in the world starting with Edinburgh, Scotland and yes… you read right. I want to visit haunted places! My spirit sensing abilities aren’t very sharp so I probably wouldn’t feel anything too weird, but there’s something about the antique places, that makes them extremely interesting.

The Oasis, from Ready Player One


I could never not include the main setting of one of my favorite books ever. The OASIS is the virtual reality MMORPG where most of the book takes places because the outside world kinda sucks. A place where any book/movie/music video/video game/anime can come to life all around you, and as wrong as it sounds, you get why no one wants to leave.

Red London, from the A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy


Red London is an alternate version of an older London where people can use magic based on the 4 elements. As a visitor, I obviously wouldn’t be able to practice any magic 😂 but they put on incredible shows and there’s this tournament where the most powerful magicians of the land compete using their powers!

Oxford, from My Oxford Year


This was my most hate book of last year lol. But one thing it did right was the main character’s passion for Oxford. At least during the first chapters, you can tell that she’s in love with the city by her detailed descriptions. Unfortunately, the story takes a turn and it’s like she forgets all about it, but at least there’s something to rescue from this.

Victorian London, from the Infernal Devices trilogy


Oh another London, another old London. I think we’re starting to see a pattern with the places that I’d like to visit. Old places in Europe 😂 And the places that they visit in the books are based on real-life places that you can visit, like the ones Cassandra Clare used to base the Institute of London and York. The only exception seems to be Blackfriars Bridge (which is real). And bringing up the topic of locations in the Shadowhunters universe, I’d also like to visit Idris.

Fenrai, from El Principe del Sol


Fenrai is the fictional country in “El Principe del Sol” which I finished almost two weeks ago. Half of the book takes place in the city of Eben, where the royal family lives and it is a freakin floating city which you reach by flying on a pegasus! And like 25% of the rest of the book takes place in this city that the author said she based it off of Santorini in Greek. So if that isn’t beautiful, then I don’t know what is.

And now, some honorable mentions

Derry, Maine from IT


Before anyone says I’m crazy! 😂😂😂 No, I don’t want to be eaten by my own fears or by an evil clown, nor do I want to live in a place where all the adults are disgusting people, but… I am extremely biased towards Maine + small American cities. Besides, if I just visit then nothing might happen to me, right?

Warcross, from Warcross


Another virtual reality world! This is in my honorable mentions because I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I hoped, but Warcross sounds like a game I’d really love to play. Also NYC and Tokyo are places that the protagonist sees in this book and I think that’s pretty awesome

Henrietta, from The Raven Boys


This is in my honorable mentions because I’m halfway through this book but so far I’m really liking the location. It is, after all, another American town overflowing with magical energy 😍 where a Welsh King might be buried. I don’t know but that sounds adorable to me. The perfect place for an adventure.

And that’s it! That’s 7 places mentioned in books that I’d like to visit + 3 honorable mentions. I have one more honorable mention though. It isn’t one place from an existing book, but several places from the story I’m working on, like Hamilton (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), and Salta (Argentina).

Ok, now that’s really it 😬 Let me know if you’d like to visit any of the places mentioned here too or let me know of a new one, ok? 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.