On writing my New Years Resolutions || 2021 Edition

Welcome to my year post about my new year’s resolutions. This is actually my third year doing it and that’s insane. Yes, I know it’s February, but I still think it’s early enough in the year to write a post about your resolutions, right? Besides, you can set resolutions at any moment you want, it doesn’t have to be necessarily at the beginning of the year. Therefore, here you have it, my sort of resolutions for the year 2021.

Not to sound like everyone else who writes resolutions, but this year will actually be drastically different than the previous ones.

Going back to my previous posts about resolutions, I don’t actually call them “resolutions”, I call them “missions”. As for last year, I don’t know if past pj foresaw that it was going to be a crappy year but she didn’t write any missions… or maybe she decided to go with the ones she set in 2019. If we base ourselves on that list, last year I “achieved” the following:

  • I finally, finally, FINALLY! found a way out of this country! In June/July of last year, I started a process to get a Canadian visa that will allow me to work and study over there for 2 years. (As I’m writing this, my visa has already been approved and I’ll be writing a post about it soon).
  • I worked on this blog regularly. I think.
  • I was able to go back to Maine (not a mission, but very appreciated despite the crappy year)
  • I worked on the worldbuilding of my novel project

That’s it.

And because I love being hard on myself, here’s where I failed.

  • I got a job at the beginning of the year and then got laid off because of the pandemic
  • I got my hopes up for a job in Maine. I even got 2 interviews where I thought I did well but eventually didn’t get it
  • I didn’t get a real job after that, just worked odd jobs to have some income
  • I started like 2 online courses but didn’t finish any
  • I became unmotivated with exercising, dieting, wasn’t able to walk my dog regularly, and gained some weight
  • Probably became a little depressed due to not leaving my house, the people I live with, the pandemic, the job situation, and the lack of purpose in my life.
  • I didn’t work as much as I wanted on my book project

To be honest, I feel like this year has been the most demotivating year I’ve had in a very long time. It’s what I used to call a “dead year”, a year in which nothing happened. I haven’t had a year like that since 2007/2008. And yeah, most of it I can thank the pandemic for, but mostly being home with the people I live with made for a sad year ultimately.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to end this post on a depressing note, so I’m trying to look forward to this year, to my years abroad in Canada, and to my experience there, and so I actually made a real “list of resolutions.” I even wrote it down on my “bullet journal” and everything.

PJ’s list of 2021 resolutions

  • Stop being afraid of people

This includes remembering people’s birthdays and tell them, try to make conversation with people, try to be more honest and friendly with everyone because God knows I’ll need new friends in Canada. Maybe even sign up for a dating app. Overall just try to make connections with people. And listen to more music.

  • Weight related

Depending on where I end up living, I want to make a habit out of walking. I also want to stop eating just because, and only eat when I’m hungry. And since I’ll be the one in charge of my food, I want to eat less meat and cut back on red meats and sausages.

  • On using my time wisely

I often waste my time on things that I don’t enjoy, like certain books or series, so if I start reading/watching something that I eventually stop enjoying , I want to drop it and move on. I also want to stop watching (this mainly applies to series) more of the same things.

I want to create a list of goal(s) every month, even if it’s just one, and work towards them, even if I don’t completely achieve it. I want to work towards something. And finally, I want to learn how to invest my money.

So… yeah, that’s what I want out of this year. To be honest, I feel like there are a lot of things in my current life that hold me back a lot and the main reason I’m leaving is to not feel like that anymore. I know that goals are what you make of them, but the environment plays a vital role, and I hope that the change of environment simply fulfills the role of motivating me.

Anyways, if you made it to the end of the post, thank you 🙂 here’s a cookie 🍪 and tell me about one new thing that you want to try, or one thing that you’d like to change this year. I’d love to read it and comment on it 🙂

Reviewer pj out!


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