pj reviews

Explanation of the reviewing system.

All reviews are divided into 4 sections

1.  First encounter: How I approached the book/series/movie and why I decided to review it.

2.  Summary: My own, detailed (but spoiler-free), summary on the book/series/movie

3.  Review: All of my thoughts and feelings will go here. What I liked, what I disliked about the plot, characters, writing, etc. If there’s any scene good or bad that’s worth mentioning, it’ll go here, still without treading into spoiler territory.

4.   Verdict & score: My overall opinion and some thoughts on how it all ended. Also, if I recommend it or not. And the final touch, the score.

* I disliked it so much that I couldn’t even finish it. (Would never recommend)

** It was bad but at least it made me laugh. (Wouldn’t recommend unless you really liked said genre)

*** I liked it overall, but not as much as I expected. (Would recommend only if you like said genre)

**** I really liked it and I wish I could have loved it but it’s not quite there yet. (Would recommend and really hope you like it)

***** Loved it. And everyone else should watch/read it! (Definitely would recommend. No questions asked)


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